About GAP.9

The ninth international conference GAP.9 of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP) will take place in Osnabrück (Germany), September 14-17, 2015, hosted by the GAP and Osnabrück University. It is locally organized by the Philosophy of Mind and Cognition group of the Institute of Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University. The title of GAP.9 is


Philosophie zwischen Lehnstuhl und Labor /

Philosophy Between Armchair and Lab


GAP.9 will feature three plenary lectures:

  • Opening Lecture | Kirsten Meyer (Humboldt Universität Berlin, Germany)
  • Erkenntnis-Lecture | Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern University, USA)
  • Closing Lecture | Martine Nida-Rümelin (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland)

In honor of

  • Wolfgang Spohn (Konstanz),

recipient of the GAP’s Frege-Award 2015, there will also be an honorary Colloquium with Hans Rott (Regensburg, Germany), Nancy Cartwright (Durham, UK) and Simon Blackburn (Cambridge, UK) as invited speakers.


In addition, the four day conference will bring more than 250 national and international speakers in nine colloquia and thirteen sections to Osnabrück.