Contributed Section Talks

Contributed section talks can be submitted following the call for papers and posters that will be distributed by the end of October 2014. GAP.9 will feature the following sections:

  • Philosophy of Language (Chair: Nikola Kompa)
  • Metaphysics and Ontology (Chair: Benjamin Schnieder)
  • Logic (Chair: Heinrich Wansing)
  • Philosophy of Science (Chair: Holger Lyre)
  • Philosophy of Mind and Cognition (Chair: Katia Saporiti)
  • Epistemology (Chair: Elke Brendel)
  • Philosophy of Religion (Chair: Winfried Löffler)
  • Aesthetics (Chair: Reinold Schmücker)
  • Applied Ethics (Chair: Ralf Stoecker)
  • Normative Ethics (Chair: Ulla Wessels)
  • Metaethics, Action Theory and Decision Theory (Chair: Thomas Schmidt)
  • Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Chair: Frank Dietrich)
  • History and Methods of Analytic Philosophy (Chair: Mark Siebel)